Three Fundamentals of a Healthy Team

It’s easy to have a staff, but what about a team? Whether you’re an employee at a business or have employees who report to you, we all want to belong to a team, not just  be part of a staff. A team collaborates, enjoys each other, and works hard together to accomplish what needs to be done. When you’re a team, you can count on each other.  

Today, I want to talk about three fundamentals that can help you establish a healthy team. 

Fundamental #1: Be Committed to the Vision/Mission

  • “Vision High Jackers” are committed to their personal mission instead of the organization’s.
  • Every organization needs a vision statement. The book, “The Advantage,” by Patrick Lencioni will walk you through creating one.
  • Chick-fil-A is an excellent example of a business living in a secular world but using Biblical principles.
  • Values are what allow the team to accomplish the purpose.
  • Create values that will inspire and motivate your team to accomplish the purpose.
  • Being committed to the vision means taking ownership. 
  • Be proud of what you’re doing or fix the problem.
  • “Quiet Quitting” is doing the bare minimum of your job requirements and putting in no more time or effort than necessary. 
  • Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the  Lord, not for human masters.”
  • As Christians, we must call ourselves to a higher standard at our work.

Fundamental #2: Spend Consistent Time Together

  • Be present and available for your team.
  • Be intentional about creating ways for team members to be known and cared for by each other, especially in larger organizations.
  • Inconsistent time together causes relationships to dwindle and can lead to turnover.

When we are close and available:

  • We get answers faster.
  • We’re able to build relationships.
  • It’s easier to get your job done because we hold each other accountable. 

To be a healthy team, our relationships have to get stronger and deeper.

Fundamental #3: Be Consistent in the Work

  • As a leader, you must show up committed to and excited about the work every week.
  • You have to bring the energy and the passion to build your team up.
  • Consistency builds trust, and more work gets done. 
  • It’s a matter of integrity and character.
  • Remember Colossians 3:23. Knowing we are working for the Lord will inspire us to give more effort.
  • We want to be on a team of people who give 100% effort and consistently show up and work hard.
  • If you have people on your team who aren’t putting in the effort, start calling them  to a higher standard.

 “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni 

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