Are You a Pleasure Seeker?

Even as Christian leaders, we can go through seasons where we feel run down and what we’re doing isn’t important. We want our lives to have meaning, and we want to experience enjoyment but we often seek to find it in the wrong places.

There’s a song by Justin Bieber called “Lonely” that says, “What if you had it all but nobody to call. Maybe then you’d know me. Because I’ve had everything but no one’s listening. I’m so lonely.” Many of us can relate to this song. We pursue success, relationships, material possessions but eventually we realize that none of these things can fulfill us.

Today, we’ll continue to look at the life of Solomon in Ecclesiastes in Chapter 2 and talk about the only way that we can enjoy this life. 

Solomon had everything, yet he felt like it was all a waste of time.  He wanted to have a good time in life. He wanted happiness and distraction from pain.

He hoped that laughter and entertainment would bring joy and  meaning. (v1-2)

  • Laughter can be good for us, but much of the things we laugh at are sinful and displeasing to God.
  • Entertainment provides an escape from reality, but it will not give you any sense of meaning in life.
  • Many of us fall into a rut because we’re chasing entertainment and laughter in trips, vacations, concerts, show, etc.

He tried to cheer himself with wine. (v3)

  • The Bible is clear that drunkenness is a sin and will lead to regret.
  • Solomon is not saying that wine is sinful, but that he was looking for a good time by drinking wine and it didn’t work. He was lonely and empty.
  • Alcohol is not the answer to finding joy.

He tried to find meaning in doing something important. (v4-6)

  • He made great buildings, gardens, pools.
  • He wanted to create something beautiful to feel like he did something great.
  • He built it all for himself.

He went after money. (v7-10) 

  • He amassed all kinds of possessions.
  • He had money to buy whatever he needed or wanted. Money is not evil, but the love of money is the root of all evil.
  • He might have had fun spending the money, but it wasn’t bringing him any meaning.
  • He had performers to play music, wives, and concubines for sexual pleasure.
  • Whatever he wanted, he took. Whatever he wanted to try, he did.

Pleasure seekers are never pleasure keepers.  

  • It will never be enough. You’ll always want more.
  • We live like kings and have access to just as much as Solomon did.
  • Are you searching for pleasure in these things and feeling empty? Or searching for more of God and feeling grateful?

Maybe he wasn’t living a significant life, but at least he was having fun, right? 

  • Solomon says he hated life. It was all striving after the wind. (v17)
  • Maybe you’re chasing the same things that Solomon chased.
  • He uses words like despair, sorrow, vexation, unable to find rest. (v18-23)
  • He realized that work, accomplishments, sex, fun, entertainment did not deliver.
  • Apart from God there is no enjoyment. But with God there can be much enjoyment. (v24-25)

Bottom Line: The only way you’ll be able to enjoy the good gifts that God has given you is if you find your enjoyment in Him FIRST.

Prayer: Jesus I need you and only you. Show me the path to finding joy in you.

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