Dreams are Dangerous

Most of us have dreams and aspirations for our life; what we hope to become or things we hope to do. Maybe you’ve been pursing your dreams and working hard to accomplish them, but it seems like they’re never going to come true. In today’s episode I’m going to remind you that no matter how difficult things have been, your dreams aren’t lost. You may have just forgotten that dreams are dangerous, and those who pursue their dream are bound to face adversity.

Dreams are always dangerous: If you’re chasing a God-given dream, you’re in dangerous territory because the enemy wants to destroy it.

  • Dreams require sacrifice and hard work.
  • Dreams require faith in God and belief in yourself.
  • Chasing your dream includes risk.
  • Dreams are supposed to be hard. If they were easy they wouldn’t be worth chasing.

Dreams are necessary: Without a dream, it’s easy to get stuck and miss what God wants to do in your life.

  • Maybe you had a dream but it’s been shattered so you’ve given up hope.
  • Maybe you’ve forgotten your dream and lost your purpose.
  • When you aren’t doing what God put you on earth to do you will feel lost, confused and alone.
  • God-sized dreams are discovered deep within your soul.

Two Truths About Dreams:

1. Dreams come before ability.

  • Genesis 37
  • Joseph didn’t know how to accomplish his dream or who to share it with.
  • Sometimes dreams can come across as arrogance.
  • Maybe your dreams are getting crushed because you’re sharing them with the wrong people.
  • Don’t tell anyone, just start working on it!

2. Dreams need adversity to build character.

  • Joseph faced extreme adversity.
  • Trials will come that you didn’t expect.
  • You’ll be tempted to compare your struggle with something else.
  • Stop wasting time wishing your trial was different and start believing God will bring you through it.

Application: Identify the one dream or goal that you want to accomplish in the next 6 months.

Resources: Access the Life Assessment Tool HERE.

Next Episode: We’ll continue to talk about our dreams and goals.

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