What Makes You Angry? Part 2

Episode #6

Anger is a natural emotion that we all experience sometimes. It’s important that we learn how to deal with it appropriately otherwise it ends up hurting us and others. In this episode we’ll pick up where we left off and I’ll share some more practical steps we can take towards overcoming our anger.

Change Your Perspective on Anger

  • Matthew 5:21-22
  • It’s a big deal. Jesus compares anger to murder.
  • It’s inevitable. We all experience it.
  • How should we deal with it?

Slow Down Your Anger

  • Proverbs 15:18
  • Hit the delay button on your anger.
  • Anger is like a switchblade.
  • James 1:19-20
  • You must learn to slow down your anger to be an effective leader

How? Spend time with God.

  • You will become more aware of your emotions.
  • Talking to Jesus in prayer changes your heart.
  • Don’t be legalistic about how much time.
  • Out comes the fruits of the Spirit instead of anger.
  • Consider fasting from the negative things that stress you out.

Seek to Resolve Your Anger Quickly.

  • Unresolved anger gets in the way of your relationship with God and may be the reason why you feel spiritually stuck today.
  • Keep a short record of offenses.
  • Seek reconciliation, ask for forgiveness, try to talk it out.

Learn From Your Mistakes.

  • We use excuses like, "This is just who I am," or "This is how our family reacts."
  • Make a choice to learn how not to explode, how not to damage other people. 
  • It separates the healthy from the unhealthy, the spiritually mature from the spiritually immature.
  • If you don't learn from your anger, it will breed more anger in your life and in your family.

Most of us can easily identify the things that make us angry, but have you ever stopped to think about why those things make you angry?

You’ll realize it’s probably one of two emotions

  • Fear – of failure? Of rejection? Of losing control?
  • Hurt – some type of wound that causes you to lash out.
  • You might need to talk to someone to figure it out.

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